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    Dairy-Free Easter

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    Not just dairy-free, but some are gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, even egg-free Easter eggs!!!

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Taking the hassle out of reading ingredients labels

Free-From Food

Gluten-free wraps from BFree

Find foods you can eat with an allergyintolerance or particular preference. Just enter your dietary requirements to create a shopping list sorted by retailer or location. Click here to start searching.

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Bia Beauty Mellow Mandarin - Moisturiser for all skin types

Find products for your skin, hair, house, garden or office you can use with an allergy, intolerance or preference for products that are kinder and gentler on you, the earth and its creatures. Click here to start searching.

Free-From Places

Cornucopia Wholefood Vegetarian Restaurant Café Tearoom

Find restaurants, cafés, hotelsB&Bs or specialist stores you can visit that are allergy or intolerance friendly. Click here to start searching.